Automate your retinal
image workflow

A managed service for all your PACS
and retinal image analysis needs

Product Features:

  • DICOM export

  • Seamless integration

  • Remote smartphone camera

  • Integration

  • Easy-to-use

  • Online storage

  • Security standards

  • Cloud based

  • PACS

  • User friendly image annotation and notes, automatic image quality evaluation

  • Optional integration with computer vision algorithms for triaging and annotation guidance

  • Friendly reporting

Product Benefits:

  • Always-on-service

  • Pay-per-use

  • Improved customer service

  • Backed-up, as-a-service

  • Create a new revenue stream

How it works


Image capture

Fundus images are capture by opthalmic camera operators
with conventional or smartphone-connected device.
Non-mydriatic or mydriatic photos are captures depending
on analysis required.


Image transfer

The fundus image is uploaded to RetinaSense in a manual or
automated approach:

  • Internet-connected smartphone device securely uploads
    encrypted image to cloud using simple-to-integrate SDK.
  • PACS system uploads image using API with the push
    of a button.
  • Operator manually uploads image to cloud using
    web-based interface.


& assignment

RetinaSense manages the user unique identifiers, fundus
images, and healthcare professionals workload.

  • RetinaSense manages uploaded images automatically, enabling
    the user to further organize images as required.
  • RetinaSense allocates images to your existing ophthalmologist
    image readers or the RetinaSense managed service for analysis
  • Image analysis can be optionally assisted with computer vision
    software for assistance with triaging and diagnosis.


Image analysis

Registered image reader specialists are notified of
new images in a job queue that requires evaluation.
Images are analyzed in RetinaSense secure portal
using MediNote toolset to manipulate and
evaluate images.


Results & delivery

RetinaSense returns a report directly to the end
user in SMS, email or other system integration
including annotated retinal images and diagnosis.


MediNote is our secure toolset portal used by our certified, virtual ophthalmologists.

Medinote also allows fundus image specialists to mark-up and evaluate images using a specialised toolset.

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