Streamlining the management, analysis
and reporting of retinal images

Solutions for PACS, workflow and analysis of
medical images for remote ophthalmic services

Key features

01 Smartphone and
remote camera ready

02 Simple integration

03 User friendly analysis as
managed service

meeting the growing need for
remote image analysis in
developing countries

Automate your retinal image analysis workflow

By streamlining the upload, image management, analysis and reporting of fundus images, we can provide accurate, timely diagnoses to those in remote areas.

Dr Aaron Mason

Our vision

RetinaSense has been created to reduce the rate of preventable eye diseases causing vision loss in the developing world. Our aim is to enable remote camera operators to provide a full retinal analysis service from the ground with no need to set-up new infrastructure.

RetinaSense enables affordable screening for major eye diseases in a ready-to-go solution.

RetinaSense connects retinal camera operators with virtual ophthalmologists, providing easy, fast, low-cost and accurate image-based diagnoses. RetinaSense integrates seamlessly with remote camera equipment, enabling operators to provide remote service delivery.

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